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How Can I Use It?


With DownCast, media outlets have access to high quality videos, photos and press materials that can be integrated with their own original editorial content. In fact, we encourage the use of DownCast materials to create a unique lifestyle segment, profile piece, album review or feature story. Artist or label contact information is always included for outlets wishing to submit additional interview or media requests.

Entertainment Properties / Brands

Digital Press Kits (DPKs) are extremely versatile and cost-effective and help to introduce a new album or product to television news media, print journalists, radio programmers, merchandisers, retailers and more.

Media industry will receive the following:

  • Opening Slates & Project Information Pages
  • Produced & Edited 3-4 Minute Presentation containing Graphics, Interviews, Music, Studio/Live and Music Video Footage, Voice-Overs, etc.
  • Selected Interview & B-Roll Clips with Information Slates (For News Media Usage)
  • Artwork, Bio, Photos & Album Graphics, etc.
  • Contact Information Slate

DownCast is an easy way to streamline publicity in a bundled package for a book or album launch.

With tour marketing, an artist is able to cover a large amount of media outlets with only one blast. Additionally, all footage is owned by the content provider - not the media outlets. This content can be extremely valuable down the road for DVDs, documentaries and any number of other uses.

What Is It?

Downcast is a powerful distribution network that can reach upwards of 10,000 outlets, including radio, television, national and regional video programs, newspapers, trade publications, celebrity and entertainment shows, wire services, closed-circuit partners, international outlets and a full range of online destinations.

Downcast is an innovative, easy-to-use tool that provides on-demand access to unique broadcast-quality video content, digital photos, audio clips and press materials, all housed on a secure, password-protected server.

How Does It Work?

Video content (EPK's, interviews, behind-the-scenes, concert footage, b-roll, etc.) is created and edited by the award-winning Travis Television team.

Materials are uploaded in a variety of high-quality formats to the DownCast Server. Targeted media outlets are then alerted to the new contact via email blasts.

Recipients receive advance notification of pending DownCast releases, followed by the actual e-blast that contains their link and login info to download content. Unique, user specific login info provides protected, on-demand access to the files.

Why Does It Work?

Simple. Outlets receive free, broadcast-quality video content that is ready to use, as well as publicity materials, digital photos and audio clips, right on their desktop.

Artists and Authors can quickly and easily announce new releases or promote a tour through an extensive distribution network that can reach upwards of 10,000 targeted outlets.

The AristoMedia Group and Travis Television have more than 40 years of combined experience in creating, distributing and promoting video content.

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